Call for cheaper school uniforms

Schools urged to give parents a choice of where they buy uniforms


Due to some schools’ strict uniform guidelines, nearly a fifth of parents are only able to buy school uniforms from one supplier or from the school itself, research by the Local Government Association (LGA) has found, reports the BBC.


Parents who send their children to schools that demand their uniforms have a distinctive appearance face coughing up higher prices than those who can buy from budget retailers.

The LGA are urging schools to ensure parents have the choice of at least two suppliers when buying uniforms.

The budget-conscious ‘recessionista’ way of shopping has branched out to school uniforms, with supermarkets and high street brands selling them for prices as low as £6.

Sending your child to school isn’t without costs – the average amount spent is £683 a year on funding, uniforms, trips and extra classes.


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