Here at MFM HQ we've been following South African model Candice Swanepoel's pregnancy with an eagle eye over the last few months - not least because she's shared some absolutely stunning bump shots - like the gorgeous one she captioned jokingly, "lady lumps".


But there were "Wows!" and "Woahs!" in the office when we saw this latest black and white shot, which shows Candice's bump in all its glory with her head peeping up just above it.

That baby's coming any day now, surely! ?

Fans on Instagram loved the latest bump offering from the Victoria's Secret angel. One joked: "This is me on a daily basis."

Another likened her to Violet Beauregarde from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory - you know, after she ate the blueberry pie gum and started swelling up...

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Hmmm - we kind of get that - although luckily, Candice isn't blue obvs ?

The team here thought the image was more reminiscent of one of those dreamy nursery rhyme man in the moon illustrations - although it's a woman peering over the moon - but you get our drift, right?

Either way, we reckon it's pretty out there - and pretty cool she's done it. One question though, do you think Candice took it with a long selfie stick or was there someone snapping underneath?

Candice isn't the only sleb to put a funny spin on her pregnancy bump. For example we loved it when Corrie actress Catherine Tyldesley balanced a Malteser on her pregnant belly - to see how long it would take for her baby to kick it off.

Talk about best game ever ?

What do you think?

Were you / would you be tempted to do a quirky pregnancy pic that showed your bump off in all its glory and had a funny twist?

Or did you avoid photos altogether when you were pregnant? Tell us in the comment below or over on Facebook.

Photo: Candice Swanepoel on Instagram / Catherine Tyldesley on Twitter

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