Cause of colic found?

Scientists claim to have found the reason why babies suffer colic – and a ‘cure’ could now be closer.


Inflammation caused by a bacterium in the gut could be the cause of colic, scientists have said. In babies with colic, a bacterium called Klebsiella was found to be more common that in babies that didn’t suffer colic.


“We believe that the bacterium may be sparking an inflammatory reaction, causing the gut inflammation,” said Professor Marc Rhoads.

More studies are needed to understand whether the bacterium can be controlled using ‘good bacteria’, say the researchers from the University Texas Health Science Centre.

Colic may be a precursor to chronic gut conditions like celiac diseases and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), they also suggested. “Inflammation in the gut of colicky infants closely compared to levels in patients with inflammatory bowel disease,” said Professor Rhoads

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