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Amy Adams welcomes a girl, Rachel Stevens has some nappy news plus baby talk from Salma Hayek


Enchanted actress Amy Adams has given birth to a baby girl exotically named Aviana Olea Le Gallo. The 35-year-old welcomed her bundle of joy last weekend and she weighed in at 7lbs.


“Everyone is doing well. They have a large, extended family and all their brothers and sisters are relieved and thrilled that this moment has come for them both,” a statement for Amy and her fiancé Darren said.

If you were hoping for an S Club 7 reunion anytime soon, you may have to wait a while as the former teenybop singer Rachel Stevens has announced that she is pregnant with her first baby!

The nappy news comes just before Rachel, 32, and her husband Alex Bourne’s first wedding anniversary and the baby is due in November. “We are delighted to announce that Rachel Stevens and her husband Alex are expecting their first baby later this year,” her spokesperson has said.

Meanwhile in tinseltown, Salma Hayek has been talking about how she put motherhood before jetting off to space! Sharing how she gave up her chance to fly to the moon with the Virgin Galactic expedition when she got pregnant, 43-year-old Salma has no regrets.


“I reserved my place with the Virgin expedition. And then I got pregnant. And now I’m a mother. So, I’m not going to go,” she told InStyle magazine. “Everything becomes about the baby. You are in second position, or third.”

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