Celebs say they wish they’d had their babies younger

British women delay having babies longer than any other country


TV presenters Kate Garroway and Julia Bradbury have both said in the past couple of weeks that they wished they’d had their babies younger.


According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), women in the UK wait the longest before having a baby than in any other country.

49 per cent of women are over 30 in England and Wales when they give birth, bringing the average age to 29.7, up from 26 in 2001, according to the Office for National Statistics. The average age in the US is 25.

Kate Garroway, 46, who gave birth to her children Darcey and Billy at the age of 38 and 42, is fronting a campaign to encourage young women to think about fertility and giving birth much younger than “her generation”. Kate also said in the Telegraph that although she’d love a third child, she knows she’s left it too late.

42-year-old Countryfile presenter Julia Bradbury, who had her son Zephyrus two years ago, told Hello! magazine this month that she regrets not becoming a mum sooner.

“Half of me wishes I’d started 10 years ago, because if I had, I’d have five more children if I could,” Julia said. Although she admits the other half knows that concentraing on her career was the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, genetics expert Dr Aarathi Prasad is reported in the Telegraph this week as saying that women may well be ale to continue having babies into their 50s.

Dr Prasad believes that as women stay healthier into their 50s, they may well evolve so they no longer have the menopause, allowing them to have children at a later age.

Explaining the “grandmother hypothesis”, whereby older women had the menopause in order to concentrate on looking after their children’s children, Dr Prasad said that because we don’t live like that any more, there is no longer any benefit to the menopause so it’s “not normal for nature”.

Dr Prasad also said that scientists were working on artifical wombs that “could change the future of parenting”.

What do you think, is there a perfect age to have a baby?

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