Celine Dion hospitalised to avoid early birth

Mum-to-be singer admitted to hospital as a precaution, according to a statement

Celine Dion has been admitted to hospital to try and prevent her from going into labour early, reports the Daily Mail. Celine, 42, is pregnant with twin boys, who are actually not due to arrive for another month.


The singer, who recently denied that she’s planning to give birth via caesarean, released a statement through her representative to explain the situation.


“Ms Celine Dion has been admitted to St. Mary’s Medical Centre for observation at the recommendation of her doctors. She has been admitted to prevent the early delivery of her babies, which is a fairly common clinical practice for mothers of twins. This is done to ensure the patient can be in close contact with their doctors and clinical resources, leading up to their birth,” the statement said.

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