Celine Dion’s son gets school lessons through Skype

She may be performing in Las Vegas and looking after 11-month-old twins, but savvy Celine ensures eldest keeps up with schoolwork via Skype.


It’s not often that parents will encourage their kids to use the internet for extended periods of time. But for busy singing sensation Celine Dion, using the online telephone service is proving to be an effective way for her 10-year-old son Rene-Charles to stay up-to-date with his homework.


So, while Celine is preoccupied wowing thousands of fans in her residency Las Vegas show, Celine, Rene-Charles is busy brushing up on his Maths, English and Science skills. Celine has praised the school for being so “open to technology” and for allowing her son to make use of a tutor while they are in America.

But, it seems that Celine might be wishing she could have a few more helping hands via the internet, as she seems to be finding it tough coping with having twins. Speaking to HELLO! magazine, Celine explained how twins aren’t “just twice the number of meals, it’s twice as hard”. The My Heart Will Go On singer described how it breaks her heart when she has to leave one child to console the other. If only Skype did nannies…


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