Chanelle Hayes’ 3-year-old son targeted by Twitter trolls

The former Big Brother star jumps to her toddler's defence on Twitter


Former Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes was forced to defend her 3-year-old son Blakely when a Twitter troll made cruel comments about his appearance.


The mum-of-one, who is no stranger to Twitter backlash, shared this sweet photo (above) of her son in his outfit for non-uniform day at school. Wearing a pair of shorts, a T-shirt, and a tiny pair of Converse, Blakely gives the camera a little thumbs up. 

“Non uniform day for Blakely’s school today. He’s so gorgeous I want to eat him up! #legend #BlakelyIsCool,” Chanelle  posted alongside the photo. 

But when one Twitter user made nasty comments about her son’s forehead, Chanelle snapped back in understandable outrage.

“Evil man insulting 3 year olds. #bully #smallmansyndrome,” she tweeted in response.

Good for her!

Photo of Blakely: Twitter/Chanelle Hayes

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