Update 9/10/17

Since we first ran this story, there's been a lot of headlines about baby sleep positioners, questioning how safe they are. There's also been a lot of confusion about whether or not this new safety information also applies to nests and sleeping pods, like the one seen here.


It's an ongoing story, so we've been updating as we go with everything you need to know - get the latest on the baby sleep positioners scare here.

The original story 5/10/17

A sleeping pod, to us, is more valuable than the philosopher's stone.

For it holds the power to send our babies swiftly and soundly to sleep in a matter of moments ?

And it seems mum-of-2 Chanelle Hayes, whose youngest son Frankie is just 1-month-old, has discovered this holy grail for the very first time.

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Documenting her first sleeping pod experience on Instagram, Chanelle first posted this picture, of her chosen pod: The Poddle Pod.

(It's actually been rated by MFM mums and experts as one of our 10 best baby nests and sleeping pods - so great choice, Chanelle.)

"So excited to give these @poddle_pod a try for little baby Frankie!!!!" she wrote beside it. "Fingers crossed I may have a decent night sleep shortly!! #poddlepod"

Moments later, she shared another snap to Instagram. This time showing Frankie in his pod, on the carpet, clearly already fast asleep.

"Bl***y hell it seems to be going quite well!!!!!!! ? #2minutesin #poddlepower," she joked, we imagine, with tears of joy streaming down her face ?

These posts really sum up how much of a godsend pods are, right?

Little Frankie can now safely snooze away for a few hours on the floor, and mum can carefully lift the pod and pop him in his cot for a full night's kip. Genius. So genius.

We wonder if Chanelle wishes these had been around for her now 6-year-old, Blakely, back in the day ?

Now for the safety stuff:

A few commenters on Chanelle's post claimed that this particular pod wasn't safe for overnight sleeping, but that simply isn't true.

It's safe for supervised sleeping. Which means: you just have to make sure the pod is placed inside the cot if your child's snoozin' for more than a few hours.

And as the Lullaby Trust recommends, make sure the cot's in the same room as you until they're 6 months.

Also, just to note, this one in particular isn't suitable for co-sleeping, but some makes are... and we would recommend that if you're using any pod, you make sure the cover's a little less loose and a little more snug than the one you see in this pic ✊

Images: Instagram/Chanelle Hayes

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