Chantelle Houghton gets her bump out

Pregnant Chantelle shows off her bump and doesn’t care if she gets as big as a house


Chantelle Houghton, 28, has ‘done a Demi’ and posed with her growing baby bump, revealing she’s more than happy to put on weight. The star, who’s expecting her first child with fiancé Alex Reid, 36, doesn’t care how fat she gets “as long as everything’s OK”, she told New! magazine.


Chantelle is enjoying pregnancy, especially Alex running around for her, and isn’t in a rush to lose the weight after her baby is born. When it does come to losing weight, Chantelle says Alex will help her and they’ll be able to have their baby at their wedding.

Hubby-to-be Alex reportedly loves Chantelle’s bump too and Chantelle is quite chuffed with her size FF boobs, perhaps she and Una Healy need to chat?

Avoiding sun beds is getting Chantelle down, who says she’s struggling because she’s “so pale” and even the thought of Thai food makes her feel sick.

Alex and Chantelle were set to start IVF treatment earlier in the year. Chantelle only releases an egg three times a year, meaning falling pregnant naturally is almost impossible. But, as Chantelle said, “Where there’s a sperm there’s a way” and she’s now 14 weeks pregnant.

Chantelle’s pretty keen for a natural birth, claiming she doesn’t want to be in hospital recovering “because of [her] own selfishness” but is a bit worried about the pain. The mum-to-be is also busy picking names, although she says she keeps changing her mind. Let’s just hope she doesn’t keep us waiting a-la Lily Allen


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