Chantelle Houghton’s tweets put “record straight” on Alex Reid split

Mum-of-one Chantelle reveals shock reasons why the family is falling apart


Chantelle Houghton has taken to Twitter to reveal why she has split from her fiancé Alex Reid, saying she has “had enough” and that it was time to put “the record straight”.


Chantelle recently reported in her New! magazine column that she and Alex were being amicable for the sake of their daughter Dolly.

However, this afternoon Chantelle’s agent has confirmed to MadeForMums that Chantelle has been tweeting about her reasons for leaving Alex. Chantelle writes, “Alex wants half of my money and Dolly’s money too that we put in a trust fund for her from first OK mag shoot.”

Chantelle adds, “And for the record, I’ve been asking Alex to send me a schedule of when he’d like to see Dolly, but he won’t commit. He can come and see her whenever he wants to.”

Throughout her tweets Chantelle alludes to Alex’s alter ego Roxanne, saying she “couldn’t come home” at times when she was 8 months pregnant due to some of Alex’s actions. Chantelle says that she wasn’t aware that Alex was a cross dresser, saying she though it was a publicity stunt and that she found out when she was pregnant.


Chantelle continues, “I will walk to the end of the earth for my daughter and he will not be getting my money nor will he get Dolly’s money.”

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