Why Charlize Theron being dubbed a ‘monster mum’ after this pic makes us mad

Just looks like the reality of an everyday 'I won't get in the car' tantrum to us


Some days, no matter how hard you try, there is just NO WAY your child is getting in their car seat.


So we start off coaxing, then we plead and finally beg before we grab them and try to physically put them in the car. 

And then they go stiff as a board and finally flop, completely lifeless.

Why is it so hard, we’re only trying to get home from Tesco!

So when we saw this picture of Charlize Theron we instantly recognised what she’s going through – and couldn’t agree less with this tabloid’s “Monster Mom!” headline.

Monster Mom!Charlize Theron snapped dragging 4-year-old son! Family relationship expert dissects shocking photos! http://bit.ly/1TyLEUH

Posted by OK! Magazine on Sunday, 21 February 2016

If “dragging” her son into her car makes her a monster then we dread to think what they’d say about us!

We have no idea what was going on when paparazzi snapped this picture. But we hardly think this headline is deserved: “Monster Mom! Charlize Theron Snapped Dragging 4-Year-Old Son!”

They wrote: “Charlize Theron may be an award-winning actress but she certainly won’t be receiving any accolades in parenting! The-mother-of-two was snapped wrestling her son in a parking lot on Feb. 18.”

They added that it “looks as if she’s wrestling the child to the ground”.

Uhhh… no it doesn’t.

The mag consulted a “family relationship expert” to analyse the photos. Dr Gilda Carle said: “The first rule of parenting is to motivate, not dictate. It’s clear that Charlize is dictating. “Get over here! Do this!”

“She looks like she’s yelling at him,” the doctor added. “Instead of telling him, she should be selling him on why he’s going to dance class. For all she knows, he doesn’t like dancing. She’s got to find out what’s on his mind by asking him and letting him talk about his feelings. Not dragging him around.”

Can we be done with judging each other’s parenting already?

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