Charlize Theron opens up about baby son Jackson

The Hollywood star reveals how motherhood has made her feel


Academy award winner Charlize Theron has opened up about becoming a mother to adopted baby son Jackson in an interview with E! News.


The Hancock star, who adopted her son in March this year, said, “It’s strangely everything that you’ve hoped for and it feels so right. I don’t know how else to say it.”

“It’s an overwhelming sensation of love that I think every mother tells you,” Charlize said.

“There’s almost a moment where I feel like I can’t remember anything prior to him, I feel like it was always just meant to be what it is. Everyday I’m just like, ‘It’s not possible to love you more’ and then 20 minutes later you’re like, ‘Oh my god! How is this possible?!’” Charlize said.

The 36-year-old actress is currently promoting new film Snow White and the Huntsman, which also stars celebrity new dad Chris Hemsworth. Charlize revealed that her mum and baby Jackson are accompanying her as she travels to endorse the new film.

“My mom and Jacks are here with me. We had a nice morning, he got to spend a little time with me and he got to have a little snuggle,” Charlize said. “I’m going to see them later tonight, it’s really nice to have him here.”


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