Check your child’s phone downloads

Browsing Facebook to downloading an app, just how much data are your tech-savvy kids using?


Worried your great mobile tarrif won’t handle your kids’ appetite for technology? Mobile network Three provided us with two handy tables detailing exactly what a megabyte will get you – regardless of your network.


With 10 minutes on Facebook only using 1MB (and there’s 1,024 of those in 1GB), you might wonder how your kids would ever get through all that data.

But, Three told us their customers’ average data usage per month is 1.1GB and likely to rise. In China, the majority of internet usage is on smartphones, too.

Check out what 1GB gets you on the next slide…


Mixing and matching? This table shows you how you can divvy up your gigabytes across your (or your child’s!) various interests.

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