Cheryl: Make-up’s just ‘not practical’ when you’ve got a baby

But the new mum of baby Bear says finally finding time to put make-up on again felt 'strange' and 'lovely' at the same time


When you’re a mega-star sleb like Cheryl, having a fully made-up face for videos, shows, and ‘dos’ is pretty much part and parcel of the whole deal (especially when you’re the face of L’Oreal ? )


But, even for the uber-famous, becoming a mum can mean the things you used to do so regularly change – not least having a full-slap face.

And Cheryl, who, we’ve been told, has not had a nanny since Bear was born, has now come out and said (as lots of us would agree) that it’s just SO “not practical” to do your make-up every day when you’re looking after a little one.

She told This Morning: “Since becoming a mam, my beauty regime has actually gone out of the window. It’s just been recently that I’ve had time to start applying it again – and it’s been lovely actually.”

She added, ‘I went out for dinner a few weeks ago and it was strange to see myself made-up again but lovely at the same time.’

Ahhhh ?

Here at MFM HQ, we’re a bit of a mixed bunch – some of us keep make-up for special occasions, and agree with Cheryl that it feels really good when you put it on after a long time without it.

Another said she puts it on first thing, takes it off last thing and did so every day even when she had a newborn “for a bit of a pep up”.

What do you think?

Did you ditch the make-up when you had a newborn, like Cheryl? Did it feel good to wear it again for a night out?

Or maybe you’ve never gone back to wearing it?

Or never did in the first place?

We’d love to know: tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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