Childcare academy to open

A new Government-backed academy specialising in how parents should bring up their children will open in London this autumn, ministers said.


The National Academy for Parenting Practitioners will give specialist training to staff who teach parenting classes amid concern that more families need extra support. It is to be based at King’s College London.


Backed by a £30 million Government grant, the academy will combine expertise from King’s College London with the specialist experience of charities Parenting UK and the Family and Parenting Institute. It will train staff who work with parents in schools, children’s centres and the health service.

The academy will act as an “international and national hub” to promote the latest ideas on how to raise children and implement recent Government reforms. It will also feature new courses designed to improve the bond between fathers and their children and catch-up lessons for parents with literacy and numeracy problems.


Training courses and research into parenting will begin in October.

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