Childcare costs higher than ever

Parents face price hikes for nurseries and childminders


Parents are paying even more for childcare compared with last year, despite the recession.


The figures, announced by the Daycare Trust, found that English parents paid an average of £4,576 a year for a child under 2 to go to nursery for 25 hours a week. In Scotland the figure is £4,368 and in Wales £4,056.

Fees are highest in London and the South East and lowest in the North West.

While the cost of nursery care has increased by an average of 4.8% for under twos and 5.1% for twos and over compared with last year, childminder costs had risen even further – up 6.4% for under twos and 9.2% for twos and over.


The Daycare Trust is calling on all political parties to make an election pledge to provide more affordable childcare.

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