Children banned from wearing swimming goggles

Health and safety fears for budding water babies


Children have been banned from wearing swimming goggles at an event at a local pool in Leicestershire.


In another world-gone-mad moment, dozens of children had their goggles confiscated when they arrived for the Aqua Splash Festival at the Hermitage Leisure Centre in Whitwick, after it was decided they could cause the young swimmers to bump into each other.

The goggles were also deemed dangerous in case they were pulled and snapped back into a child’s face.

Parents described the rule as “laughable” and said how their children’s eyes looked like they’d been poked after their swim as they were so red.


Organisers of the event said they made the decision after advice from the Association for Physical Education, which said children should not wear goggles in school swimming lessons unless they have a medical reason for them.

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