Children cured my OCD, reveals celebrity mum

Hollywood actress Julianne Moore reveals that her two children made her more relaxed with her strict daily rituals


Actress Julianne Moore has revealed that having children saved her from her OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).


The 50-year-old mum-of-two admitted it was her son and daughter who helped her to relax her bizarre daily routines.

“For years I was so insecure that I followed a daily routine which I called My Lucky Way,” said the actress, reports Showbiz Spy. “It involved drinking two cups of tea, leaving my apartment at exactly the same time and pacing my walk to work so i got all the green lights.”

Julianne’s strict rules were soon scrapped after her children Caleb and Liv arrived! “Now having two young children means you drop all that sort of rubbish!”

However, Julianne admitted that her OCD tendencies haven’t completely disappeared.

“I’m still a bit fanatical about straightening furniture and lining stuff up, but I’m much more laid back than I used to be!” Julianne revealed.

Julianne isn’t the first celebrity parent to admit to having OCD – David Beckham previously pwned up to OCD habits, too.

Do you have any OCD habits you’d like to share?

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