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Is that a Harper tattoo on David Beckham’s neck?

Glimpse on TV chatshow reveals curly ‘H’

David Beckham gave fans a teasing peek at a brand new tattoo on his neck, which appears to be his newborn’s name Harper.


During a TV interview for his football team, LA Galaxy, David wore a white t-shirt. The neck of the tee was pulled down slightly by the microphone, just revealing some curly writing that looked like the letter H.

It would be no big surprise that David has already had himself inscribed with his new daughter’s name. A well-known fan of tattoos, David already has tattoos of his three boys’ names,Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and the wordVictoriawritten in Hindi.

His new tattoo sits just above an amazing tattoo of Jesus and three cherubs that he had done in February. At the time, David posted a video on Facebook, explaining that the three cherubs represented his three boys.

David has also revealed that daughter Harper Seven is a mini fashionista in the making, just like her brother Romeo. “She’s got a great wardrobe already,” he beamed. “EverythingVitoria’s put on her so far looks amazing.”

And it looks like he doesn’t want to stop with Harper. Speaking after his team’s match, he joked that he would like to create a five-a-side Beckham team. “We’d like one more. We’ve always said we’d love a big family and five was the number.”

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