Children getting less for their teeth as Tooth Fairy struggles

Average amount of money children receive for their teeth drops due to recession


The average amount of money children receive from the Tooth Fairy for their baby teeth has dropped because of the recession, a new study in the US has found.


The average amount of money per tooth has dropped from US$3 to US$2.60 this year. Here in the UK, when we checked with a few mums today, the average amount of money given for a tooth is £1. However, recent research found that one in 10 children get double that, waking up to find a shiny £2 coin under their pillow, so perhaps the UK Tooth Fairy hasn’t been quite so hard hit!

She certainly needs deep pockets. With most children having 20 baby teeth by the age of three, the American Dental Association has concluded that the Tooth Fairy’s little helpers (otherwise known as parents) will have to find $60 to reward all their children’s baby teeth.

Parents polled for the survey by Visa explained that they used the Tooth Fairy’s visit to have the “money conversation” (US speak for talking about the value of money and saving) with their children.

How much does the Tooth Fairy leave your children?

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