Children left behind on school trip

Two 6 year olds left behind by teacher


A teacher only realised two of her 6-year-old pupils were missing once the rest of the class and her were already on the bus travelling home, reports the Scottish Sun.


The children from St Aloysius Primary in Chapelhall, Lanarkshire, had a school excursion to the Almond Valley Heritage Centre, Livingstone, West Lothian, last week. The other children and teacher were on the bus 10 miles down the M8 when the two were discovered to be missing.

The bus went back for the boys, and they were found to be safe. They seemed to be oblivious to what had happened.

“Apparently the driver was hassling the teacher to hurry up when they were getting the kids onto the bus, because he had another job to get to. She rushed them all on board and didn’t bother doing a headcount,” the Scottish Sun quotes an ‘insider’ as saying.

Murdo Maciver, Head of Educational Resources North Lanarkshire Council, said, “We take our responsibility for the children in our care very seriously whether within the school or on school trips.”


Last night, North Lanarkshire Council confirmed an investigation was underway. “I have asked the head teacher to investigate this incident and to review procedures for future school trips to make sure this cannot happen again,” said Murdo Maciver.

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