Children now taught to read and write before school

Teaching ABCs is priority for nearly 90% of parents


Encouraging pre-school reading and writing is now a top priority for parents, according to a recent survey.


The survey on behalf of Alphablocks magazine of 1,000 parents found that 88 per cent thought it was important to help their child learn reading and writing before they started school.

Results from the survey also showed that parents felt more comfortable supporting learning in the home, with 87 per cent feeling up to the challenge of teaching their pre-schoolers their ABCs. This was despite the fact that only 43 per cent of parents surveyed were encouraged by their own parents to read and write before they started school.

The Alphablocks survey also revealed a growing understanding of phonics and how they can help little ones learn to read and write, with 83 per cent admitting they had heard of phonics as a method of learning.

And most of those who didn’t feel confident about helping their pre-school children to read and write said that it was down to their own lack of understanding of phonics.

“Learning to read and write should be fun and a chance for parent and child to bond, share a sense of achievement and create happy memories of learning to read,” said Stephanie Cooper, editor of Alphablocks magazine.


Alphablocks magazine launched this month and is aimed at supporting parents and children in the learning of ABCs. Aimed at 3-5 year olds, the magazine is the only UK title to support the use of phonics when encouraging pre-school reading and writing. 

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