Children on swine flu critical list

Worries about rising flu figures, especially among young children and pregnant women


Flu is affecting families all over the UK, leading to at least 36 children in intensive care with swine flu. Of these, 24 are under the age of five.


Young children are more susceptible to developing complications with swine flu, as are pregnant women.

NHS Direct has revealed that it’s experienced a 50% increase in calls following the cold weather, many ringing about flu. It’s now recruiting more staff to deal with the extra calls.

However, Professor Dame Sally Davies, interim chief medical officer, reassured worried families that this season’s flu was “just winter flu” admitting that swine flu is the main strain.

David Cameron also added a note of reassurance, announcing at a press conference, “While the number of flu cases has doubled in the last week, there is still plenty of capacity in the NHS.”


If you’re pregnant or have a young child and suspect flu symptoms, you’re advised to talk to your doctor straight away. Also, pregnant women are being urged to have the flu jab, which has been shown to protect you and your unborn baby.

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