Children will lose out as libraries close

The London borough of Brent is to lose six libraries after a High Court rules against campaigners.


Expenditure cuts in the public sector may be on the rise, but so is children’s use of libraries.


“Children’s use libraries has increased every year for the past six years,” said author of The Gruffalo, Julia Donaldson, writing in The Sun.

As children become increasingly focused on technology; playing with computers and video games, the cuts have sparked fears that future generations will become disinterested in literacy all together.

“Just think about it, you go to a library, you borrow a lots of books and are able to experiment because it’s not costing you anything. Where else is that going to happen?

“Without this resource I’m convinced we will have fewer avid child readers and consequently lose a large percentage of our future adult readers,” said Julia.

Last week, campaigners lost their bid to save six libraries from being closed by Brent council.

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