Children’s exercise linked to school success

Active children do better at school, according to new review


Children’s physical activity has been linked to their school success in a new review by a Dutch research team. Looking at the evidence from 14 studies of children’s exercise and school performance, the team found that those who took part in sports could generally expect better test scores.


The team is hoping to investigate the link further but has suggested exercise may help by increasing blood and oxygen flow to the brain, improving children’s concentration. The researchers also believe that taking part in sport helps children learn to obey rules and can improve their discipline.

“People ask, ‘How much exercise do I need to do to get an A?’,” said Dr Amika Singh, who led the study. “We don’t know that but we would like to find out.”

Children are recommended to take part in an hour of physical activity each day to stay healthy. But apparently parents overestimate how much exercise their kids do. We feel a New Year’s resolution coming on…

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