Child’s brain tumour misdiagnosed as hay fever

Mum's gut instinct saves her 4-year-old who was suffering from a brain tumour, not hay fever


Maddy Zgraja’s daughter, Kiera, was repeatedly told she had hay fever when in fact the tot had a brain tumour.


Maddy took Kiera, who was only 2 at the time, to the doctor when she first started vomiting and feeling weak in her left side. Doctors dismissed any concerns, putting Kiera’s extreme vomitting just down to hay fever.

However, mum Maddy refused to accept this diagnosis and ended up taking Keira to the doctor every week for eight months.

“I kept on going back to them, because I knew something was very wrong. She was losing a lot of weight, because she was not eating or drinking properly,” the 23-year-old said, reports the Daily Mail.

Maddy’s gut instinct and persistence saw Keira referred to Basildon Hospital, where blood tests and an MRI scan found the toddler had a tumour on her brain stem.

“After a lot of pushing from me, the doctors agreed to send Keira for tests at the hospital – within 20 minutes they said she had a tumour,” said Maddy.

“It was so frustrating. There were times I doubted myself, because the doctors said I was over reacting,” added Maddy.

Keira was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital for an operation to remove the tumour, but due to the location of the tumour, a part of it was unable to be removed. Keira is now undergoing intensive chemotherapy. She’s also due to start primary school this month.

“I want to raise awareness about brain tumours in children and urge parents to trust their instincts, even if they keep on hitting brick walls, like I did,” Maddy said.

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