Chris and Anna's vital stats:

Christopher Michael Pratt, born 21 June 1979
Anna Kay Faris, born 29 November 1976


Chris and Anna's child:

Jack Pratt, born 25 August 2012

2007 - 2008

We know them now as Guardians Of The Galaxy actor Chris Pratt and House Bunny/Mom star Anna Faris.

But Chris and Anna first met way back in 2007, before they'd both become the household names they are today.

They were both filming the movie Take Me Home Tonight, when they found themselves becoming more friends than co-stars.

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Anna was married at the time to a man named Ben Indra, but their relationship was coming to end during the process of filming.

"It was like magnets," Chris said of his chemistry with Anna, during his ELLE interview in 2015.

"Our personalities meshed: she was a goofball, she liked to have fun, it was impossible to offend her... We were friends first but she left her husband at the end of the movie, and we started dating when we were back in Los Angeles.

"So we were friends, and I was there for her."

In late 2008, Chris proposed to Anna ?

She said yes, of course, but they joked that she'd known for ages that his proposal was coming!


On 9 July 2009, Chris and Anna married in Bali.

Around the same time, Chris began to shoot to stardom on the comedy TV series, Parks And Recreation.


Anna gave birth to a son, named Jack, on 25 August 2012.

Little Jack was born prematurely, and spent some time being cared for in a neonatal unit before being sent home, healthy and well.

In December, Anna stepped out for the first time since giving birth, and made headlines as she and Chris spoke about just how much they loved her post-baby figure.


On 7 August 2017, Chris and Anna shocked the world by announcing they'd decided to separate after 8 years of marriage ?

Their joint statement read:

"We are sad to announce that we are legally separating. We tried hard for a long time, and we're really disappointed.

"Our son has 2 parents who love him very much and, for his sake, we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward.

"We still love each other and will always cherish our time together."

Chris and Anna have long been one of the world's best-loved celebrity couples, and as a result, there's been a huge outpouring of surprise, and of love and support for the family.

Images: Instagram/Chris Pratt, Instagram/Anna Faris

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