Chrissy Teigen shares VERY honest stretch mark pic – this time while tipsy

She's 9 months post-baby here, but the model has posted about her stretch marks before...


It’s a very lucky woman indeed who gets through pregnancy and birth without a stretch mark to her name, so we’re always pleased to see a celeb being open and honest about theirs.


And supermodel Chrissy Teigen’s shared hers with the world not once but twice.

Chrissy, who welcomed daughter Luna Simone with husband John Legend 9 months ago, took to Twitter to share a pic of her post-baby thighs…

chrissy 9 month marks

“Whatevs,” she wrote beside it, before quickly adding: “When I drink wine I say ‘whatevs’ and sober Chrissy doesn’t like it.

“I do not post stretchies for the praise. I post it because the wine also I like the pattern and they’re so soft.”

LOL. Sober or not-so-sober, you gotta love her honesty ?


Chrissy took to Snapchat to share what she calls the ‘tributaries’ on her thighs, 4 months after Luna’s birth.

Although we had to peer closely to see them, we could just about make out the tell-tale silvery lines on Chrissy’s thighs (or ‘the badges of honour of motherhood’ as we prefer to call them).

Chrissy Teigen is very honest about her post-baby body
chrissy marks

We always find it refreshing when someone in the public eye shares the reality of parenthood in their pics, like Chrissy has done with these Snapchat shots – proving that having a baby isn’t all softly lit, cutesy milk-drunk photos.

We also had total respect for former playmate Kendra Wilkinson when she posted a similar image back in May, showing off her post-baby belly and proudly captioning it ‘look at what my babies did. They made me happy’.

Because THIS is what motherhood is really about, right?


Images: Snapchat/Chrissy Teigen, Twitter/Chrissy Teigen

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