Christina Applegate turns mummy blogger

Actress shares her mummy style tips in four-part fashion blog


Actress, and mum to 22-month-old daughter Sadie Grace, Christina Applegate is currently guest blogging about her mummy style, as reported by People.


As creative partner for online children’s style club,, Applegate is writing four blogs and tweeting about how her style has evolved, especially since becoming a mum.

“You might say that when it comes to fashion, I’ve done it all.” Christina blogs. “I’ve gone rocker, punk, super-trendy, and even full-on glamour.”

“What I’ve learned is that when you are comfortable — both physically and also in how you look, that’s when you look and feel your best. Recently, my style has been all about ease.”

The mum of one continues by advising on her personal style tips, including wearing flat shoes, owning a few key pieces and shopping online.

“Believe me when I say there is a LOT of online shopping that goes on in my household – and not just for me!” Applegate continues. “Shopping for household items and children’s clothing can be exhausting – if not near impossible and I’m happy to avoid it whenever possible.”

Follow Christina’s style adventures on Twitter @1capplegate

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