We love a good bump pic here at MadeForMums.


But we especially love a bump comparison pic, like this one by Aussie Instagram star Chontel Duncan, because it goes to show that no two bumps are ever the same.

And it seems model Christine McGuinness, who’s currently 6 months pregnant, has also joined in on the craze… by sharing a comparison shot of her own baby bumps.

The mum-of-2 is currently expecting baby number 3 with her husband, Take Me Out presenter Paddy McGuinness. The pair are already parents to twins Leo and Penelope.

She’s been documenting her changing pregnancy body with regular Instagram updates...

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But this one, a side-by-side of her current 6-month bump and the bump she had at the same point in her pregnancy with her twins, really stood out to us!

“#6monthspregnant My#TwinPregnancy Vs #BabyNumber3 The reason I live, laugh and love every day is my babies ??? #Blessed #family” she captioned the pic.

Naturally, Christine’s bump this time around is smaller, as she’s carrying one less baby – but generally, we think this is such a nice idea.

It’s definitely something to show the little ones when they’re old enough, and again, proves that no two bumps ever look the same, even for the same person!

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Images: Instagram/Christine McGuinness

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