Church offers marriage and baptism in one

Couples can baptise their children when they wed, says Church of England


The Church of England has announced new guidelines that will allow couples to get married and christen their children at the same time.


In a move that overthrows 2,000 years of history, the guidelines are designed to show the church’s acceptance of more liberal views to sex outside marriage. Although the church maintains sex is best kept for marriage, it accepts the reality that 44% of children are born to unmarried mums.

“Patterns of relationship and marriage within society are presenting new opportunities for the church,” says Rt Rev Stephen Platten, Bishop of Wakefield. “We are therefore offering guidance on how thanksgiving for the gift of a child, or indeed baptism, might be incorporated within a marriage service so that the church can respond pastorally to our changing world if a priest feels it would be advisable to offer this option.”


The move has been met with some scepticism, the Bishop of Fulham saying, “It is a pity they have not put in a funeral for grandma as well.”

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