Claire Sweeney reveals baby Jaxon’s early sleeping habits

But while the former Brookside actress is getting more sleep, her beauty routine is out the window


Claire Sweeney became a mum for the first time 4 months ago. And instead of the normal up-all-hours routine of the new mum, she’s revealed that her boy Jaxon is already sleeping through the night. In fact, she describes him as a “dream baby” – well, that explains the lack of puffy eye bags on the ex-Brookside actress’ face then!


“He’s gorgeous but he’s at home tonight,” she told Ok! magazine at the National Television Awards. “He sleeps right through [the night] now. I’ve got a dream baby. He doesn’t go to sleep until late but he sleeps right through so I’m very lucky.”

But although he’s not disturbing her beauty sleep, the 43-year-old does admit that baby Jaxon has dramatically reduced her pampering time. “I got ready in 20 minutes tonight!” she said. “My priorities have changed – but in the best way!”

The new mum insists she’s not planning on having any more children. When asked if she’d like another, she replied: “Nope, no more!” Ah, perhaps he’s a good sleeper with an even better pair of lungs…

Photo: Twitter / Claire Sweeney

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