Claire Sweeney: The amazing thing my baby did

The new mum reveals how her unborn baby brought her back together with her ex-fiancé


When Claire Sweeney discovered she was pregnant just weeks after splitting from her fiancé, the thrill of knowing that she was carrying her much wanted baby was tinged with heartache. But the former Brookside actress has now revealed that she’s rekindled the romance with her baby’s dad Daniel Riley – and she has her 10-week-old son Jaxon to thank.


Claire and Daniel had been trying for a baby for 2 years and suffered the heartbreak of 2 miscarriages before they called time on their relationship. “When I got pregnant the first time it kind of happened and surprised me a bit,” she told the Liverpool Echo. “Then unfortunately I lost it after 12 weeks. After that we were trying again and it just didn’t seem to be happening and they gave me Clomid and it happened but about two weeks later I miscarried.

Coping after miscarriage

“The second miscarriage really knocked me for six because it was planned and I desperately wanted a baby. It was absolutely devastating.” But just as Claire came to terms with the fact she might never be a mum – she discovered she was 3 weeks pregnant.

“We were engaged for a year then we broke up,” the 43-year-old said. “It was logistics really, work and everything. It was no big thing, it was just agreed between us.

“Then I found out I was pregnant. I was thrilled, surprised and excited.”

Talking to us in August last year, Claire revealed that despite the split, her ex was very supportive. “Dan’s been sharing the pregnancy with me. He’s been wonderful,” she says. “He’s been there by my side supporting me, doing everything together.” 

And now Claire has confirmed that she’s back together with Daniel. “Me and Daniel are back together now. I came back up to Liverpool when I was pregnant. I was rehearsing my show and about 5 months into the pregnancy we started spending time together again,” she said. “Things are going great, life’s really good. He is a great dad and he has a great family, his mother and grandmother are amazing.” 

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