“It wasn’t meant to be” says Claire Sweeney of her miscarriage

The actress talks about her loss for the first time


Claire Sweeney has talked openly for the first time about the miscarriage she suffered last year. She was 12-weeks pregnant with fiancé Daniel Riley’s baby when she lost it.


Speaking to OK! Magazine, the 42-year-old actress said: “When we lost the baby, I was very philosophical about it. It just wasn’t meant to be. Things weren’t right.”

Her 28-year-old fiancé proposed to her on Christmas Eve 2012. Claire says meeting him reignited her dream of having children, something she had put on hold to concentrate on her career in the past.

Daniel said: “Claire got pregnant at the start of last year. We got to 12 weeks and then we lost the baby.

“It was Claire’s first pregnancy so we’ve been trying since then. We’ve had all the tests and we’re alright. So it’s God-willing, really.”

She has had consultations about fertility treatment, but is determined to try and conceive naturally first. “I’m just concentrating on Plan A at the moment and it’s going to happen. Let’s focus on the job in hand.” She was thrilled when doctors guessed her age at 28. “I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to do a lap of honour around the hospital,” she said.

“You lose a baby and you start worrying. As a guy, you want to know you’re all right. Claire’s been checked and she’s biologically fit,” her fiancé added.

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