Classes to help parents of ADHD children

Parenting classes should be offered to mums and dads with children who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, suggests NHS Scotland


Mums and dads should receive behavioural training if their child suffers from ADHD, according to recent guidelines issued by the NHS in Scotland.


Doctors have been keen to stress that the guidance shouldn’t be seen as blaming parents, reports the BBC.

“If parents understand ADHD better, they’ll be in a better position to help their children with the symptoms and also help their children with their development,” said specialist Gordon Brown, who already runs parenting classes.

“We’re very keen to stress it’s not a ‘parenting programme’, we’re not inviting you to learn how to become a better parent, we’re inviting you to learn more about ADHD so that the parenting skills you already have are more effective,” explained Gordon.


It’s estimated that 5% of school age children throughout the UK have ADHD.

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