One of the best bits about your little one's birthday is watching their face light up when you've done good with a surprise gift, right?


Well that lovely moment most definitely didn't happen for this mum and her incredibly crafty 6-year-old.

Emily Cairns, now 7, was staying at her grandma’s house when she came up with a genius plan to trick her mum into revealing what presents she was getting for her birthday, The Mirror reports.

She used her grandma Maureen’s phone to text her mum, asking: “What did you get Emily for her birthday?”

Her mum, Amy Cairns, was none the wiser to her daughter's cheeky scheme and replied with a full list of what she’d bought for her ? which included a CD, a LEGO Friends limo and a Monster’s High doll.

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After getting the answers she wanted, Emily's plan was foiled when she gave the game away right at the last minute.

Amy twigged that it wasn't her mother on the other end of the phone, when the youngster replied to the list of toys and gifts with just one word:


"It was the ‘wow’ that gave her away,” Amy said. “I thought, ‘Mum wouldn’t say that,’ and I was suspicious.

"At first I did think it was my mum and she was asking what I’d got for Emily’s birthday, so we didn’t get the same thing. I listed every single thing I’d bought her.”

Upon ringing Maureen to find out what was what, Amy was sure she’d been duped by her impatient daughter.

“She’d ruined her own surprise,” says Amy. “That's why I was bit cross."

"But we all find it really funny now. It’s quite clever for a 6-year-old, really."

We can definitely see the funny side on this one, though we’d probably (rightfully) be a little bit miffed, too.

Ah, the perils of kids and technology, eh?

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