WATCH: This buggy brand made an adult-sized pram for parents to test

Well, that’s ONE way to promote your buggy…


US stroller-maker Contours Baby has come up with a genius way to help parents figure out which buggy is best for their baby.


They’ve created an “exact adult-sized replica” of one of their best-selling buggies for adults to jump in and test for themselves – because your baby can’t exactly tell you in so many words (or, depending on their age, any words at all) whether or not they’re enjoying their new set of wheels ?

The video, called the ‘baby stroller test ride’, shows parents zooming around town in a comically large contraption, much to the bemusement of passers-by.

The general consensus from parents is that, yes, in fact, sitting in a Contours Baby buggy is cosy and comfortable.

When it comes to buying a pushchair for our little ones, nothing’s more important than ensuring it’s safe, secure, practical and comfortable.

We also like to make sure we’re listening to your experiences with big-name brands – what you liked about them, what you didn’t like, and whether you’d recommend to your friends.

For all those reasons, here at MadeForMums we take buggy reviewing and testing extremely seriously.

But we’ve never actually, errr, climbed into the buggy ourselves, because that would be physically impossible. So, we admit, we did LOL at our desks for a moment when we watched this vid.

Would this vid convince you to try one of these buggies? Let us know below.

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