Clueless young adults think the umbilical cord is a musical instrument!

Caesareans are a cult and the placenta is a vegetable – lack of baby knowledge is revealed in new survey


It seems that it’s time the birds and the bees talk was retold to young adults after a poll reveals that a fifth of them had no clue about the facts of life – with confused twentysomethings thinking that the umbilical cord is a musical instrument!


Young adults aged between 18-25 were asked about their baby knowledge and the results exposed them as lacking a basic understanding – 21% didn’t know how long pregnancy lasts!

The worrying results also revealed that one in ten thought that the placenta was a vegetable and 12% genuinely believed that a caesarean was a religious cult.

They say that you are what you eat, but the young adults polled think that drinking coffee or tea can influence the colour of your unborn baby’s hair and one in 10 think that eating red meat will increase your chances of having a boy.

The 2,000 young adults were also in the dark about how much it costs to raise a baby. The majority (70%) believed that £1,000 would cover the baby’s first year, whereas it’s closer to £9,000 – or £200,000 from birth to 21 years.


With more than half of those polled wanting to become parents by the age of 28, they had better start brushing up on their baby knowledge pretty soon!

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