When it comes to the style stakes, it seems 5 months isn't too young in the slightest for a girl to start following in her mama's footsteps – or at least that seems to be the case for little Chanel, daughter of US glamour model Coco Austin.


Coco, who's married to rapper-actor Ice-T, has shared some snaps on Instagram of herself and her baby girl in the Caribbean, and she's definitely gone for a bit of a "mini me" theme, dressing Chanel in a polka-dot bikini that matches her own as they lounge on the beach.

"It doesn't get better than this!" Coco captioned the pic, with tonnes of her followers on Instagram commenting on how totally sweet the pair look together.

"So freaking adorable!" said one fan.

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"This is the cutest picture ever ?" said another.

But the mum and daughter duo aren't just dotty about spots; they also went all flower power, with some cute-out 'island' mum and daughter stylee snaps too.

Here at MFM HQ, we've noticed that LOADS of 'slebs love the mini-me thang: remember when Tom Fletcher and Buzz dressed the same?

And, though none of us admits to doing it with our little ones, we're sure we might have dressed our kids a wee bit like smaller versions of ourselves once or twice without even realising...

What do you think of mini-me styling? Do you ever dress your little one in a scaled-down version of your own style? Or do think it's a bit naff?

We'd love to know!

Photos: Coco Austin on Instagram

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