Coleen Rooney: ‘No baby yet!’

The expectant mum seems to be getting a bit fed up (we don't blame her)


In the last weeks of pregnancy, you can’t answer the phone or walk down the street without someone asking: have you had the baby yet?


Well, no. Clearly not, seeing as *I’m at home watching Jeremy Kyle / *nipping out for some milk / *having this conversation (*delete as appropriate).

And it seems the speculation over when the 3rd Rooney baby will make an appearance has got too much for Coleen.

“No baby yet!!” she tweeted – we expect as an answer to fans asking her.

“Hurry up!! ….. Too comfy ,” she added.

Coleen hasn’t revealed when her actual due date is, but fans were quick to speculate whether a delay might mean the mum of 2 boys is having a girl this time.

“When were you due Coleen? My boy was on time but girls were a week late,” one mum tweeted.

While others say the weather might be to blame. “Waaaaay too cold for Baby Rooney to come out yet! Much better to stay snug!” another tweeted.

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