Coronation Street's child star Ellie-Louise Leach, who plays Faye Butler in the soap, has claimed via Twitter that the long hours filming are making her exhausted.

Despite strict legal guidelines around how many hours a day a child actor is able to work, the 10-year-old tweeted that she's sometimes on set for 8 hours or more, and dreads being asked to do overtime.

"On my way to work. Hope I don't do overtime. I'm so tired," Ellie-Louise tweeted recently, adding, "OMG feel like I could sleep for a million days. Been at work eight hours, really tired."

Following Ellie-Louise's tweets, ITV quickly responded saying, "ITV follows the legal guidelines in a scrupulous fashion. Coronation Street takes its obligations to child actors seriously and Ellie is well within the terms of her contract. She never works overtime."