Coronation Street in shock baby storyline

Coronation Street’s new mum Fiz Stape will hand her baby to the Croppers’ after being jailed for murder

Fiz Stape, played by actress Jennie McAlpine, will reportedly give her premature daughter, Hope, to Roy and Hayley Cropper in an upcoming Coronation Street storyline.


Fans know that Fiz’s husband and dad of baby Hope, John Stape, has been involved in the murder of three people and Fiz unwittingly ends up implicated in the deaths of characters Colin Fishwick, Joy Fishwick and Charlotte Hoyle.

The truth about John will soon be revealed, but Fiz will reportedly be the one sent to prison, to await trial.

Fiz will hand baby Hope over to the Croppers’, begging them to adopt her, even though she knows she can have her daughter with her in the prison’s mum and baby unit.

“I just want Hope to have a good life and I can’t give her that anymore. I never want her to know who her real mum is and what I have done. I want her to grow up thinking she’s your daughter. I want you to promise me you’ll never tell her anything about me,” Fiz is quoted as saying to Roy Cropper, reported the Daily Star.

This latest twist remains unconfirmed.

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