We couldn't really blame you for reading this headline and thinking: "Yeah, right". But here at MFM HQ, as we delved deeper into this story we found ourselves wondering if there could actually be something going on - and so we wanted to share it.


Linda Reeves, aged 50, is a town councillor from Milton Keynes. She happens to be a mum of 9, too - so she definitely knows what it feels like to be pregnant.

And she's convinced she's expecting. In fact - she thinks she's been pregnant for 15 months. But no one wants to believe her, and, she says, "I don't blame them."

Speaking to The Sun, Linda said: “No one will take me seriously. I’ve had all the symptoms of pregnancy - sickness, backache and tiredness. I am absolutely certain that there is a baby there, but it is growing in the wrong place.

“I keep going to my GP and he’s agreed to a few times to send me for a pregnancy scan. But they only scan my womb - so how can they find my baby if it’s growing in my abdomen?”

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Linda's had 5 scans over the past year which have shown nothing, and says she's asked doctors to give her a full CT scan - but has been refused.

She also reveals it's been suggested by professionals that she might have mental health problems, and has been offered a prescription for anti-depressants - which she says she put straight in the bin.

She did persuade a GP to use a Doppler on her stomach though and says: “I heard the baby’s heartbeat! I know that sound so well, how could I not recognise it!”

One thing that's certain is that Linda doesn't feel she's being taken seriously - and worries that if she happens to be wrong about being pregnant there might be something else going on that isn't being diagnosed.

But is there any way she could be pregnant? As much as her story might sound very unusual, we know that when it comes to pregnancy a woman's intuition can be a very powerful thing.

Just recently, Kimberley Walsh shared the fact she just knew she was pregnant before she did a test.

And we've heard plenty of stories about cryptic pregnancy, too, when a woman only realises she's pregnant at a very late stage - sometimes during labour - because even the tests are negative.

We know this isn't quite the same as Linda's experience, but it's similar in that with a cryptic pregnancy, just like in Linda's situation, no baby has been confirmed, sometimes even as late as labour.

Though, of course, whether Linda will go into labour is yet to be seen.

Whatever the situation for Linda, we hope she's able to get some answers. There's definitely something going on here - don't you think?

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