Courteney Cox Arquette breaks nursery rules!

Friends actress proves she’s not such a superstar mum after all

Courteney Cox Arquette’s daughter Coco has just begun Kindergarten and the actress is already struggling to keep up with the regulations!


“There are a lot of rules. You can’t bring certain snacks, you can’t wear certain clothes and we’ve been known to be late,” she confessed.

It seems 45-year-old Courteney and her husband David are still adjusting to the dos and don’ts of nursery. When David returned from a trip away, he was eager to drop 5-year-old Coco off, but unfortunately Courteney didn’t get a chance to fill him in on the complex rules of kindergarten. “He’s like, ‘I was a little late’ and I asked how late and he goes ‘15 minutes”, recalls Courteney. “I asked what time he got there and he said 9am. It starts at 8.20am so he was actually 40 minutes late!”

The bad news didn’t end there, as David had also dressed Coco in an ‘inappropriate’ spaghetti-strap top and packed one of the nursery’s banned snacks in her lunchbox!


“I said ‘David, that’s three rules broken!’ Our communications went through a breakdown. We’re going to get expelled!”


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