Crocs shoes save 3-year-old

Boy survives electric shock, thanks to his footwear


Harley Sutton-Dormer, 3, has survived an electric shock because of the Crocs footwear he had on at the time, reports the Telegraph.


Harley was with his mum in a swimming pool changing room when he picked up a faulty hairdryer. “A bright blue bolt of electricity went down his arm and shot out his side. It was awful, he was screaming in agony and shaking,” explained mum Danielle

“The T-shirt and jumper he was wearing are charred and he’s got an exit burn on his side about the size of a five pence piece. The whole thing has left him in shock.”

Harley’s Crocs, made out of foam resin, seem to have worked as insulators, preventing the electricity from passing into the ground.

“The paramedic said he was really lucky he was wearing Crocs shoes at the time as they stopped the electricity going through his legs and coming out of his feet and probably saved him from serious injury,” said Danielle.


The Essex leisure centre where the incident happened has said the units have now been removed for further inspection. Thurrock Council is carrying out an investigation.

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