Dad realises he’s actually delivered his baby in the car

As luck would have it, their birth photographer was riding with them and was able to capture this unplanned – but stunning – first family pic


They say a picture speaks a thousand words.


But we reckon this one, taken by talented birth photographer Stephanie Knowles, speaks a million more.

The photo shows the dad’s clear shock and amazement, just moments after delivering his baby in the front seat of his car. On the smiling mum’s chest lies the couple’s brand new baby.

Stephanie – who’d been hired as their birth photographer and was hitching a ride to the hospital in their car – managed to capture this powerful pic, and shared it to her Jaiden Photography Facebook page with the status:

“At 12:21am, an AMAZING mother and INCREDIBLE father delivered their precious baby in the front seat of their car!

“I am still in awe of their strength. Their sweet baby could not wait another minute to come into this world and his father delivered him within minutes of parking his car.

“No words can describe how amazing it was to watch this miracle… Birth photographer’s dream! What a wild night it was. So in love with this family!

“Welcome to the world sweet babe <3 <3”

Wow. Such a gorgeous shot, right?

And we’re so glad that the mum and dad in these pics were able to safely deliver their baby after what sounds like a very quick and momentous labour!

Images: Facebook/Jaiden Photography

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