Dad told to leave store because his buggy was too big

Security guard told dad to leave because his double buggy couldn’t get down the aisles


A dad has claimed that he was asked to leave a Primark store as his double buggy was too big, reports the Metro.


“The security guard said it was a busy time at the shop and the pram couldn’t get down the aisles, so I had to leave,” said Aeron Lloyd-Booth, 24.

“I was stunned, it was such a shock. It was frustrating trying to get around the shop but I couldn’t believe it when I was asked to go.

“The aisles in the shop aren’t very wide and I wouldn’t dream of leaving children outside while I looked around. A lot of people have prams and they should have designed the shop so that everyone can go there,” dad Aeron said.

A spokesman for the Primark store involved said, “We have no knowledge of this but are continuing to investigate.”


Recently, Primark apologised to a mum for asking her to either use a changing room or leave the store to breastfeed her baby.


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