Dad’s pregnant too!

Invention allows dads to feel baby kicking in the womb


It’s all happening in South America: Huggies Argentina has invented a ‘baby belt’ that can be worn by dads-to-be so that they can feel the kicking in the womb.


The nappy manufacturer joined forces with creative advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather Argentina to create the belt so that dad can feel what mum’s experiencing (minus the morning sickness!).

“Pregnancy was always about her. That’s why [at] Huggies, we did something special to compensate fathers,” the O&M advert boasts. “We developed a belt that replicates in real time the movements and the baby’s kicks, from mom’s belly to dad’s belly.”

“I feel her moves. I feel her kicks!” says one awe-struck dad of the invention.

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