2018 has barely begun and here at MFM HQ we knew it wouldn't be too long (about 32 seconds to be precise) before we'd spotted some celebrity parent-shaming ?


This time it's focused on Danielle Lloyd who shared the above pic of her three-and-a-half month old son Ronnie wearing what looks like a spanner-style diamond bracelet given to him as a festive gift by his grandparents.

Danielle captioned the photo on Instagram with this: "Ronnie’s diamond spanner bangle from his nanny and granddad - bet he can’t wait to start fixing up them cars and motorbikes with your granddad and uncles ???? #luckyboy #ronnies1stchristmas"

It wasn't long before the criticisms started rolling in...

"Jesus that will take his eye out. Yes let's put a pointy metal object round the baby's wrist" said one commenter.

"Are my eyes deceiving me. Is it not metal or pointy?" said another.

And from a slightly different angle, there was this: "Shows how materialistic people are these days. Poor baby."

On the flip side, plenty of fans barrelled in to show their support. One, whose baby has the very same bracelet, said this:

"Beautiful little bracelet ? it isn't sharp or pointy. I've got the same one as a gift for my lil boy ? whose uncle is a mechanic. I think they look deadly ? "

And another added what we were thinking - that it was actually more of a keepsake gift with a family story, rather than a piece of jewellery to be worn. "Gorgeous! Bet it’s getting put away into a gorgeous keepsake box xx"

As we know, you simply can't make instant judgements from one photo. Everyone needs a chance to explain and tell the full story. But, we're guessing, we're in for more of the same over the next few months ?

Pic: Danielle Lloyd on Instagram

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